Bienvenidos todos! Me llamo Miriam Cabrera and I'm a photographer and designer based out of Charlotte, NC. I'm actively pursuing a BFA in Graphic Design with a minor in Photography at Anderson University's South Carolina School of the Arts. 

Soy Mexicana y Salvadoreña, and as a first-generation American, I’m driven and inspired by my family and community. When I’m not designing in my sketchbook or on my laptop, you’ll find me with a camera in my hands, capturing the world around me. I’m deeply passionate about learning and creating a space for diversity by elevating the voices of those who often remain unheard. This is what motivates me to strive to make a positive impact in the world through design.

Empathy, honesty, and dedication are the fundamental beliefs I value most. I'm always looking for ways to better understand individuals through the history, typography, visual language, and culture which surrounds them. With my experience in design and photography, I constantly seek opportunities for both professional and personal growth. Overall, I'm committed to pursuing a life of purpose while making a positive impact on the community around me. I’d love to connect and see what we can co-create!